Special writing resources

These writing resources were written based on my own experience as a science fiction and fantasy writer with Asperger Syndrome, covering some of the difficulties I’ve had from when I started writing in 2010. They were written to help writers on the autism spectrum. However, it is my hope they can also be of use to non-autistic writers. So far I have written about the basics of writing, planning, and starting a first draft. I do intend to expand my collection of resources with practice.

Basic Writing

Basic Planning

Writing – First Draft

Writing – Paragraphs

Writing – Scenes

Editing examples

Human Dystopia

Human Dystopia – Chapter 1 Examples

2018-2019 blog posts


Where is my Creativity?

What is a Creative Individual?


Compulsive Worker

Freelance Milestones

How Personal Matters Affect Business Success

Kaizen- Continuously Improve

What is Success?


Does Writing Muse Work?

Number of Words

Point of View Slips

Point of View – First Person Present

Point of View – Third Person Past

Quality Writing

The Journey to my First Book

Writing Muse – Therapy

Writing and Work Balance


Who Will Buy my Book?

Other resources

Basic story formatting

Point of view and tense – first person and third person

How to find the right copy editor

Is my story ready to be copy edited?

What is copy editing and proofreading?

Top 5-star reads of 2016

Should I hire a professional?