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1. If you have a project you may want copy edited or proofread, you’re interested in my services, or you have a pertinent question about my services.

2. If you want a quote. Please be prepared to send one or more samples.

3. If you want to connect on email or social media as a writer, proofreader, editor, book-lover, science fiction and fantasy enthusiast, book publisher.

I will endeavour to respond to all reasonable requests within 3–5 working days.

Save us both time

If you’re interested in my services, and you decide to move forward, the below is how it could look.

I’d hope you’d provide the Project Information, Brief, and Sample. I would provide the Quote and the Contract.

Project information
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Book title:
Word count:
Service you require:
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How you plan to publish:
Book description:

What do you hope my service will help you achieve?
What are your requirements?

Sample assessment
Please attach to your email a sample of your story in a word document – or a .mobi file would be even better – so I can assess your project’s requirements and give you an accurate quote that reflects the work I estimate your project needs.


Contract signed + agreed deposit paid + file sent
Before I agree to work with you, you may be permitted to sign a contract to make sure our expectations are in accord. See Terms and Conditions.

Booking confirmed

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