Preferred Fiction Genres

Preferred Fiction Genres - photo

I currently have a flexible approach to considering new projects, fiction or non-fiction of any type, depending on my schedule. I’ve adapted my copy editing and proofreading skills to different projects in the past, with excellent results. However, when given a choice, in fiction there are genres I would prefer to copy edit and proofread. If you’re still unsure, please Contact.

Main genres
  1. Science fiction
  2. Fantasy

If your writing is not science fiction or fantasy, then perhaps it has one or more of the following desirable subgenres:

  1. Space opera
  2. Heroic fantasy/Sword and sorcery/Epic fantasy/High fantasy/Dark fantasy
  3. Dystopian/Apocalyptic
  4. Steampunk/Horror/Victorian science fiction or fantasy
  5. Speculative
  6. Action/Adventure