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Copy editing and proofreading

Edit a Memoir by Tanya Gold
Word for Practical Editing by CIEP
Introduction to Fiction Editing by SfEP
Introduction to Copy Editing by SfEP
Proofreading Progress by SfEP
Basic Proofreading by the PTC

SfEP = Society for Proofreaders and Editors (now the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading)

PTC = Publishing Training Centre


Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme
Prince’s Trust Level 1 Award in Exploring Enterprise

Editor of science fiction and fantasy, and related subgenres

My passion is working on science fiction and fantasy stories and their related subgenres: tales and scenarios of heroism, delving into imaginary worlds, concepts, and circumstances. I prefer those worlds far removed from mundane reality, where anything is possible. I’m looking to work on stories that contain the adventure and excitement that is missing from everyday human life, where characters endure challenging circumstances.

I do know what to expect in terms of genre and quality, and I’ve a good working knowledge of subgenres and comparable books. This means I may be more help to your story than an editor or proofreader who doesn’t have the background and interest in these genres. What matters to me is how to best apply my skills to your unique story, to ensure it’s ready to publish or at the stage you want it to be, through copy editing and proofreading.

I’ve been with both genres on a journey since 2008, as a reader and writer. My interest in science fiction and fantasy began from 2008, a few months after deciding university was not for me. It became an alternative education. I used to pop down to local libraries to satisfy my intellectual stimulation. I started writing a year later, and then 2012–2016 I formatted and published four novels.

Indie publishing background – author–editor

I’m an editor who has experience with the indie publishing process. I know what it’s like to be an author, having contacted reviewers, had stalls at events, promoted my books on social media and website, and given readings and talks about my books. Having written, formatted, and published my own books from 2012, I know what it’s like to write, self-edit, prepare a cover, and format a book for publishing. The highs and lows of my experience taught me about the quality and presentation readers expect of writing. I realise how important the writer’s story is to them and how much responsibility they take on themselves for the entire process. Knowing this, I wanted to help writers on their journey, to be a part of it and learn more.

I’m a fiction copy editor and proofreader

Copy editing and proofreading fiction is my speciality. I currently have five years of experience copy editing and proofreading novels and short stories for independent fiction writers in the genres fantasy, horror, and drama. See Portfolio.

I’m an intermediate member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)


Being a member of the CIEP helps me keep up to date with trends among editors and proofreaders and networking with likeminded professionals. It gives me routes towards continuing professional development: learning, qualifications, and best working practices that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Prince’s Trust

Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme

I took a four-day course on setting up a business, marketing and selling, pricing bookkeeping, cashflow, business plan and mentoring; and I received a certificate of attendance.

Prince’s Trust Level 1 Award in Exploring Enterprise

I completed a workbook and received the Level 1 Award for personal progression, marketing, and exploring enterprise.