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Status: Freelance Availability – Contact For More Details
Specialism: Science Fiction, Fantasy, And Related Subgenres
Location: Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Earth, Editor Federation
Works With: Independent Authors, Publishers, And Organisations Worldwide
Your Goals: Publishing, Submission, New Edition
Services: Copy Editing, Proofreading, Critique
Length of Project Accepted: Novels, Novellas, And Short Stories
Contact: contact@alexjamesnovels.com

“I found Alex during a Google search when looking to get a professional proofread done for my science-fiction story “White Hole”. Alex got back to me very quickly and was very friendly and approachable in his communication, showing a genuine interest in my work and desire to help. This was in direct contrast to some of the other proofreaders I had approached, who were much less personable. Alex’s rates were very reasonable and it didn’t take long for me to decide that I would go with him.

He completed the proofread within the agreed deadline and even went as far to produce a “database” of characters and phrases from the novel, which will be very useful when making the final edits. Alex’s work was thorough, and he displayed a genuine understanding of the world I was trying to create and the characters within it. He was very good at pointing out moments where the writing might not make sense, but always gave suggestions as to how to resolve this, whilst being very respectful about my work. I am genuinely convinced that the writing has improved vastly thanks to his input. On top of this, he also pointed out moments that he really enjoyed or found amusing, which nicely balanced out with the more critical aspects that proofreading must necessarily have. It was encouraging to know that, whilst the work did need some improvements, it still succeeded in being enjoyable to its reader.

I have really enjoyed working with Alex and would certainly return to him for his services in future”

Jon Bowen