Be More Yoda by DK Publishing – 4/5 Stars

Be More Yoda - Front Cover

Be More Yoda is actually a helpful little book on mindful thinking. Though many of the lessons are veiled in the references to the characters and movies, making it more fun, the core principles can be relevant to life too, if you only think to apply it, which can be a first step in mindfulness now I think about it.

The book has helped me realise I don’t always live in the moment, thinking forever about plans for the future, and this doesn’t help me enjoy life sometimes, by needing to pass the time with fixed jobs instead of being aware what’s actually happening around in my space to help me enjoy life to the maximum.

Sometimes believing in absolutes or seeking fixed solutions to life’s problems doesn’t help either, as the book advises against. In this way, in my own case, it has helped warn me against obsessive thought patterns and black and white thinking.

I’d have liked the book to be expanded or in more detail, and then I may have gotten more out of it, but there are also advantages to it being a quick read, making mindfulness accessible.

I was surprised by how much help the book was. I expected to chuckle a few times and then discard it, but to feel wisdom in the pages means I got more out of it. Thanks DK Publishing.