Should I hire a professional?

Why an author should hire a professional

√          Hire a copy editor and proofreader and be confident that you’re publishing quality.

√          Be a professional author, not just any author.

√          Benefit from professional eyes, from a professional perspective.

√          Let me help you avoid potentially costly mistakes that can affect your reviews, your reputation, and your sales.

Who are my services not for?

X         Writers who only want to publish as a hobby, or for close family and friends.

X         Writers who don’t aim to get reviews and sales, and to reach new readers.

X         Writers who aren’t serious about getting their writing published.

X         Writers who don’t see the value another set of professional eyes can bring to their story.

Stamp of approval

For writers a stamp of approval is about how you feel about your writing and publishing. You’re responsible for your writing and yet you’re also responsible for submitting and publishing quality. On the other hand, it’s the responsibility of the copy editor and proofreader to prepare your writing for publishing. You can choose the best of both worlds here. Hiring a copy editor or proofreader can eliminate doubt and give you confidence, stamp of approval, and quality assurance before, or even after publishing.

For readers a stamp of approval is about awareness and perception. Readers like to pick out good books and authors rather than ‘bad’ ones. There is so much choice out there that you can’t blame them. One of the things a potential reader is looking for when flicking through the pages of your published book is if you had an editor look at it first, especially if the book doesn’t have a well-known publisher or they are weighing up the risk of taking the chance on purchasing your book.

Can’t I just get a beta reader to look over my story?

Beta reading and getting feedback is helpful in finding out what readers think about your story, for the purpose of revision or rewriting. Beta readers are often discerning and can look for specific aspects that you ask them to.

However, if you want your spelling, grammar, and punctuation to be correct, consistent; for your story to be fit for purpose and suitable for your intended audience; then I suggest you hire the people experienced and trained to look for these things – copy editors and proofreaders.

Beta readers won’t give you the knowledge and experience of a professional copy editor and proofreader because they read for pleasure, and at best they can only give you good feedback on your path towards becoming a professional author with a published book to be proud of.

A fiction editor is even better. They’ve completed courses or have relevant experience or a background in fiction, and know precisely what to look for when editing your manuscript.

Why hire an editor when I can self-edit?

One of the main problems with self-editing is that the author is too close to their own writing to see it from the perspective of a new reader. This is why professional authors always hire copy editors and proofreaders because they can be trusted to see the writing more objectively, as a quality job, rather than ‘their baby’.

By all means, learn about self-editing if it will help you revise your manuscript, but my experience tells me to recommend finding the right editor for your book before publishing. Hiring an editor after publishing is fine too – to release a new edition or an update. There is much at stake for authors, and readers’ impressions matter.

Does it matter how professional my book looks?

Do you not hate it when you’re reading a book and there are errors everywhere? The point of view switches unpredictably, there is repetition, or the characters don’t act believably. A page number is missing. There is a typo in the heading that has gone unnoticed. Odd formatting means the font size and style isn’t consistent and the scenes and chapters are muddled. Or you’re reading a story that resembles a first draft and you can’t connect to it.

You don’t like to choose to read these books, and nobody is 100% happy to be the author or publisher of these books. They get bad reviews, or mixed reviews at best. You want to hold your head high after publishing. You deserve better so don’t settle for second best – or forgive yourself and rectify your errors.