Special writing resources

These writing resources were written based on my own experience as a science fiction and fantasy writer with Asperger Syndrome, covering some of the difficulties I’ve had from when I started writing in 2010. They were written to help writers on the autism spectrum. However, it is my hope they can also be of use to non-autistic writers. So far I have written about the basics of writing, planning, and starting a first draft. I do intend to expand my collection of resources with practice.

Basic Writing

Basic Planning

Writing – First Draft

Writing – Paragraphs

Writing – Scenes

Editing examples

I’ve prepared examples of editing to give writers an indication of what kind of changes can be expected when a copy editor works on a story. I’ve prepared these for illustrative purposes only, at the moment. Technically, what I’ve done here is ‘self-edit’ and it isn’t normally recommended that writers rely on self-editing before publishing because they are too close to their work. Fortunately for me, the last time I worked on The Antpod Faction 2nd edition may have been early 2015, three years ago.

You’ll notice I’ve added scene summaries to help me identify the point of each scene, but this isn’t necessary in a real copy edit, or at least it’s unlikely I’ll be intervening to this extent in the document of your story.

Click on the links and they’ll open a JPEG image so you can clearly see the changes.

Editing Example 1

Editing Example 2

Editing Example 3

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Writing and Work Balance

Other resources

Basic story formatting

Point of view and tense – first person and third person

How to find the right copy editor

Is my story ready to be copy edited?

What is copy editing and proofreading?

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