Letters of a Bloodline: Thicker Than Blood by Jay Puranik – 4/5 Stars

Letters of a Bloodline Thicker Than Blood by Jay Puranik - Front Cover
First impressions

You can read the excellent premise of author Jay Puranik’s stories and you could guess you’re in for a spectacular storyline, but it’s not until you’re actually reading that you know for sure it’s true. Not having read many historical fantasies of this type, I was expecting something slower paced with over-fixation on objects. How wrong I was!

What’s it about?

Thicker Than Blood is gritty, not for the faint hearted – and it starts off being about pirates, particularly notorious aging pirate Roughbeard. It’s that sweat-between-the-palms feeling of pirates – bloated bellies and brains inebriated with rum. Witnessing mutiny from his crew and betrayal from pirates who had served under him, Roughbeard and his crew are to be starved and tortured and there doesn’t seem any help for it, except a deal made to secure his freedom, which looks to be ever distant as his fellow prisoners have their throats slit.

I loved the way Jay Puranik introduces his readers to the main plot, aligning it with Roughbeard’s reputation and creating circumstances where a character would be privy to secrets they wouldn’t ordinarily be. The dialogue was engaging and main events run by with impact and speed.

As the author claims he does weave more than one story together in his books, and this was no exception. The second story is about a series of events occurring in ancient Egypt that inform the main thread running throughout the series of letters passed on through ancestors. I really liked the ‘telling’ of the story, which was notable in this second story.

I would be happy to read more of Jay Puranik’s fiction. It’s a shame the story was short, in a sense, because I would have liked to have read more of this story.

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