Editor Wandering Out – September 2019

I’m starting by looking back a few months covering some of my experiences as an editor ‘off the job’, as it were. Be sure to check in on my recent social media at @alexjameseditor on Facebook and @alexjameseditor on Instagram. You can find the relevant albums and highlights if you search manually, though I’ve included links to help find them below.

Facebook – September 2019 album

On milestones, I had my first good pub meal on the 9th September, in Ilkley, which I was pleased about. Check out Bar T’at. I was astounded by the level of choice of eateries in Ilkley.

Not to repeat

I happened to blast open the door of somebody on the toilet in a café in Leeds. I don’t think anything could have stopped my relentless determination to get in, only to find myself in this predicament. It was awkward, and I’m blessed to still have my face intact.

Charity shop invasion

I was fortunate to find The Island of Doctor Moreau by HG Wells – an author I’ve been meaning to return to. Check out my review in the next month (or later, being the Christmas period and all that).

There was also The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M Banks that I just had to pick up.

New acquisitions

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, I purchased on recommendation. I didn’t know there was a series coming out on TV, His Dark Materials. The book I love reading; it’s so much more than a kid’s book, and I suppose it’s a little bit like Harry Potter, but also not. In other words, it has depth and magic.



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