Welcome to Alex James’ Blog

Alex JamesHere on my blog you will find advice on best practice for editors and writers, as I share my growing wisdom to help literary professionals tackle those pesky problems that crop up time and again. Why? Because as a reader, I have seen novels after they have been published; and have come across many areas of improvement for writers, publishers, and perhaps editors too. If there is one thing that writers hate, it’s going back to previously published works and thinking ‘I could have done better’. And poor reviews can hit a publisher’s reputation as hard as a writer’s.

Most of my posts will have a focus on my speciality – sci-fi/fantasy writing and editing – but I will occasionally dip into the realm of being an editor/proofreader. You will often see my reviews posted on this blog, of sci-fi and fantasy stories written by independent authors or published by independent/traditional publishers. I’m passionate about my reviews, and I learn something new about the genre after every successive book read, and I thought it’d be nice to share books, authors, and admittedly my own analysis.

I soon hope to share more details about how I got started in editing and proofreading, as a way of introducing myself to the world.