Stamp of approval for the author – quality assurance for the reader!

Years from now, will you still be happy with the story you’ve written? Imagine knowing you’ve done everything you can for your masterpiece before you share it with the world. Well, that’s how I want you to feel.

As a professional editor and proofreader, I will make sure your work is accurate, suitable for the intended audience, and ultimately ready for publication. To do this, I will ensure your manuscript is correct and consistent in language and style. I’m an attentive, dedicated person and will give you the time and consideration you require.

Your incredible achievement…
You’ve invested valuable time, attention, and emotion into your writing and now you have conjured a remarkable novel. Whatever it means to you, it is your mark upon the world and you know it’s of paramount importance to you as an individual.

Your novel is of paramount importance to readers…
When you share or publish your story independently, it will immediately become available to readers. You need to make sure they see your best work and that your novel makes a grand lasting impression because it is crucial to receive positive reviews.

You are responsible for the quality you publish…
From experience with writing and publishing independently, I know how easy it is to press that magical ‘publish’ button and let the waves of excitement rush over you. In fact, it’s too easy, and once you’ve pressed it your book can never again be published for the first time. You only get one chance, and you need to be certain that your story is of impeccable quality and that you’ve done everything you can prior to publication. ‘Tired of working on it’ does not mean it is ready to publish, believe me!

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